Macedonia is a Biblical country rich in churches and monasteries, sacred waters and miraculous icons. You can find tranquility here and discover God's truth in the meaning of your existence and the mission of why we are here now, exploring the past of people whose story is that of creation, art and spirituality. Here one can trace the beginning of Christianity in Europe through the work of the holy Apostle Paul and the holy emperor Justinian I the Great, complemented by the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius and their disciples Saints Clement and Naum of Ohrid. Like the pearl hidden in the shell, the essence of the Orthodox church is the interior that shows the truth about Christ through the fresco paintings and icons. Nowhere else in Europe so many masterpieces of medieval Byzantium art at such small area can be seen as in Macedonia: 992 churches and monasteries, 150 000 m2 fresco painting, 23.000 icons (IV-th most valuable collection in the world), 240 iconostasis and other church items carved in wood, make Macedonia a true paradise for those who seek spiritual comfort and Byzantine peace.