Profane monuments, fortresses, churches and monasteries from medieval time, often hidden from the eyes of the world for centuries are waiting for the curious travelers to discover them. Hear the stories and legends retold till today of hermits and monks, great kings and courageous people who dedicated their life for their God and homeland. Hear the touching story of the medieval times in Macedonia when Car Samoil who ruled from 976 till 1014, died of a heart attack when he saw his army defeated and 14.000 of his soldiers blinded by the Byzantine emperor Basil II, or how King Marko who became a Turkish vassal, went to battle with the words “Let God take my life among the first in the battle for only Christianity to prevail” The golden period of culture when the Macedonian Slavic brothers Cyril and Methodius created the Slavic alphabet in early 860s, the founding of the First Slavic University in Ohrid by St. Clement and St. Naum, the period of the great rulers, heroes admired by all Balkan people.