Cultural events, numerous summer and winter festivals, musical events, fine art shows, theatre and poetry evenings are just a part of the rich display of the Macedonian culture. Through some of them, people have for centuries carried on the faith of their ancestors and nurtured the traditional treasure, passing it from one generation to another. In that way they have persisted for centuries. Travelling with Go Macedonia you can sing original Macedonian songs and you can dance to the folk music created by the ancient instruments, the kaval (wooden flute) and the gajda (bag-pipe), together with men and women in folk costumes specific to each area of the country. The Galichnik Wedding depicts the customs of the Miyak and Mala Reka regions. In a one-time custom and a tourist attraction nowadays, many young people here, nurturing the cult of the wedding of the ancient times, revive the beauty of the youthful bliss saying their marriage vows in the wonderful surroundings of Galichnik. The centuries long carnival traditions represent the old beliefs that the days following New Year are "unholy" (not consecrated) and that at such times the devil can harm men most. In order to protect themselves from his demons in these "unholy" times, people avoided work and gave over to various magical deeds and carnivals that turned into bacchanalia. As a remnant from pagan times, the carnival contains erotic elements and elements related to fertility, though often times it also has elements of modern satire. The carnivals in Vevchani and Strumica are the greatest examples of this tradition.